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Going Blue-Green

We all have a responsibility to find climate change solutions and at Corsehouse Commercials, we’re playing our part too.

This year we’ve kept the lawn mowing to a minimum to keep the local bee population happy. As a result, we have miniature summer meadows everywhere that look great in the sunshine ?

We also love Kobelco who are committed to developing “construction machinery that is friendly to both people and the planet”.
90 years ago they designed the world’s first hybrid excavator and the Japanese built machines continue to impress UK customers every day.

Their distinct ‘blue-green’ brand colour is environmentally friendly and perfectly blends in with any landscape.
And they don’t just look good. There’s no compromise on performance and lower fuel consumption is only one of the many benefits you’ll experience as a Kobelco driver.

Contact us today to see which machine is right for you or your company (you might even help save the planet!) ?
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